About Us

The fast growing business relationship during 90’s in the Middle East region, especially in Iraq, created a great demand for reliable export companies. EDA Communication and Foreign Trade Company Limited has been established in Ankara-Turkey in 1996, on the base of this emerging need of aforementioned companies to supply their demands for any kind of materials as well as for engineering and construction services.

The main activity of the Company is Telecommunication & GSM Equipments. EDA has started business with one of the earliest GSM service provider company in Iraq and began supplying many kinds of telecommunication equipments needed. Beside the telecommunication sector; the company is supplying products & services in areas as environment/hydrologic, traffic safety systems and signalization, construction, petroleum and gas pipelines, electrical transmission projects and so on.

Furthermore; trading activities through the group companies founded in Erbil-Iraq, provides EDA opportunities for supplying the demands arising from the market promptly. Especially in Northern Iraq, by collaborating with well known suppliers and leaders of industries EDA successfully commissioned many projects and is increasing to render its service to many organizations.   

EDA’s business has driven by a fundamental sense of confidence and responsibility. Thus, EDA maintain the highest ethical and environmental standards and actively support the communities at where doing business. EDA Communication and Foreign Trade Company Ltd. have deserved an image of reliability between the export companies and always looking for the best way to satisfy the demands rising from the market. This moved the company to an important position and carrying on to especially in Iraqi market.